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The Elemental Series is a planned five-book series which will follow the adventures of Kira Phoenix as she goes to college, encounters demons, confronts evil and finds love.


The demons in the Elemental Series are not Biblical demons.  They're more like humans with super powers and can be good or evil.


The books in the series can stand alone, but do refer to people and events in the previous books.  You will enjoy reading the book on it's own, but may miss the full meaning if you haven't read them in order.


The books are family friendly and appropriate for most ages.



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Fire's Love

Elemental Series Book 1

Synopsis of Fire's Love

Kira thought she was leaving her demons behind when she left for college.  Unfortunately, demons are everywhere.  Not only are they real, but they're protecting her; that is, except for the ones who want her dead.


Kira's parents want to reveal things to her about who she really is, but a strange phenomena prevents them from explaining.  Before they can try again, her mother and brother die and her father disappears.  To make matters worse, Kira finds a mysterious book in her parents' belongings.  Although the book confuses Kira, it comforts her too.  She's sure it holds some of the answers she's been searching for.


Kira soon learns that one of her new friends, Lowell Hew, is also a demon - Ulric the Wolf.  Lowell tries to help her solve the mysteries involving her parents, the book and the elements they wanted her to know.  Things are going well until an eerie presence begins to threaten Kira and her new friends, and they can only speculate as to who it may be.


While her new friends protect her and try to uncover their enemy's identity, Kira falls in love with Pyre, a fire demon with a fiery temperament.  Will she bask in the warmth, or be consumed by the flames in...

Fire's Love


Competitions and Recognitions for Fire's Love


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Paranormal Awards Competition

Shortlisted Semi-Finalist - Competing for First Place in Category

Winners to be announced April 2017

Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Paranormal Awards Competition

Shortlisted Semi-Finalist - Competing for

First Place in Category

Winners to be announced April 2017

Earth's Embrace

Elemental Series Book 2

Synopsis of Earth's Embrace

Kira's journey to discover who she really is continues. As she tries to separate truth from lies and uncover the secrets, an old friend returns looking for more than just Kira’s blood.


Kira's worries for her boyfriend Pyre, a fire demon, have only begun as he attempts to deal with his own dilemmas.  With the appearance of an old flame, discovering family he didn’t know he had, and the revelation of a potential new foe, Pyre is uncertain where to turn.  Pyre chooses to conceal his secrets, in an effort to protect Kira, but only causes her more pain, forcing Kira to delve into his past as well as her own.


Meanwhile, Kira’s best friend, Lowell Hew aka Ulric the Wolf Thief, struggles with his lingering feelings for Cadel, the love who died in his arms, and the guilt he carries for her death.  As he attempts to cope with his own past, he meets and falls in love with Lur, who he learns might be a demon and a threat to Kira.  He grapples with his feelings for Lur, and his apprehension that she might be an enemy he must destroy.


Between the appearance of old friends and lost relatives, and meeting new friends and family, it’s hard to know who to trust.  Will Kira be able to overcome the harsh reality or will she be crushed by the...

Earth's Embrace



Competitions and Recognitions for Earth's Embrace


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2015

Paranormal Awards Competition

Finalist and Honorable Mention


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Young Adult Awards Competition



Writer’s Digest 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards


The Judge’s Commentary Highlights:

Citation - “Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards”

Judging Criteria, on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best

Structure, Organization, and Pacing:   4

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar:   3

Production Quality and Cover Design:  4

Character Appeal and Development:   5

Voice and Writing Style:     5

Plot and Story Appeal:     5


Carey puts a human form on the elements of nature in her latest book Earth’s Embrace. Kira, the protagonist, threatened by a childhood friend, Crystal, knows she has a destiny to fulfill, but it won’t be with her psychotic former friend. Her boyfriend, the fire demon, Pyre, has his own fears. Both characters are dynamic and compelling. They are helped by their friends, Lowell and Lur.

The first chapter seems to be more of a rehashing of the previous book. Although done in an engaging way, getting into the main conflict of the story more immediately and then doing a flashback might be helpful.

The book contains quite a few grammar errors. It needs a review from a good copy editor. The cover image works; however, I would make the font larger with more green, and outline the green with black to make it “pop” more. I recommend doing the same for the spine: Make the font larger with more green, and outline the green in black.

Good job on the back cover! Just add a very short, one-sentence author bio to the right of the picture and add one or two quotes from satisfied readers. You may have to change the font size on the synopsis slightly and/or eliminate unneeded spacing.

Inside, justify both the left and the right margins. Begin pagination with page two of chapter one; all the pages previous to the first chapter should be numbered with small Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.). Write the author information in third person.

Thank you for the privilege of reading your book! And bravo on all your hard work!


NOTE: There are no spelling errors in the book, except for one Easter Egg.  It's not actually a spelling error and could technically be correct if one stretched their imagination.  I decided to leave it and see if the reader finds it.  I have consulted a copy editor who suggests that the grammar errors mentioned probably resulted from my punctuation of dialogue.  I have since changed my method, and have high hopes for future competitions.



Water's Reflection

Elemental Series Book 3

Synopsis of Water's Reflection

The tides change for Kira as her life becomes not only more dangerous but more confusing.  She learns she might not be fully human and must discover more about her lineage to understand herself and her powers.  She confronts her father and her past and learns they have more in common than she ever knew.  Meanwhile her powers become more intense, while her visions become more vivid and terrifying.  With the help of family and old friends, Kira’s powers grow, and she’s able to save herself, but at a tremendous personal cost.


Her boyfriend Pyre, a fire demon, questions and confronts his own past.  While he starts to slowly forgive himself for past crimes with the help of Kira and his family, Kira and friends grow concerned over unexplained changes in his behavior.  As the present seems brighter and the future more promising, everything he’s worked for is threatened by a new foe.  To save her, he sacrifices himself and their future.  Protecting the girl he loves has never been harder.


Their friend Lowell, a wolf demon also known as Ulric, finds happiness again with the help of his girlfriend Lur.  However, he can’t be completely hers until he moves on and forgives himself for what happened to Cadel, the love of his life from his past.  Lur must help him figure it out or lose him forever to his dead fiancé.  While she struggles to help him deal with his past, she must resolve her own issues with being a human dating a demon, and decide if she can accept the risks and consequences involved.


Kira’s Elemental story continues with the present slowly unraveling for Kira and her friends.  The past must assist before time runs out and the present is completely lost.  Will they succeed in saving their future or will they drown in...

Water's Reflection


Competitions and Recognitions for Water's Reflection


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2015

Paranormal Awards Competition

Finalist - Manuscript Work in Progress


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Young Adult Awards Competition



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