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The Elemental Series is a planned five-book series which follows the adventures of Kira Phoenix as she goes to college, encounters demons, confronts evil and finds love.


The books in the series can stand alone, but do refer to people and events in the previous books.  You will enjoy reading the book on its own, but may miss the full meaning if you haven't read them in order.


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Fire's Love

Elemental Series Book 1

Competitions and Recognitions for Fire's Love


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Paranormal Awards Competition

Shortlisted Semi-Finalist - Competing for First Place in Category

Winners to be announced April 2017

Also available at




Earth's Embrace

Elemental Series Book 2

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The tree photo on the cover of Earth's Embrace is the copyrighted work of photographer Bob Hower and may not be used or reproduced without his permission.

Also available at




Competitions and Recognitions for Earth's Embrace


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2015

Paranormal Awards Competition

Finalist and Honorable Mention


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Young Adult Awards Competition

Finalist - Winners to be Decided


Writer’s Digest 23rd Annual

Self-Published Book Awards

The Judge’s Commentary Highlights:

Citation - “Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest

Self-Published Book Awards”

5 of 5 in Plot and Story Appeal, Character Appeal and Development and Voice and Writing Style

Carey puts a human form on the elements of nature in her latest book Earth’s Embrace...

Characters are dynamic and compelling.

Rehashing from the previous book done in an engaging way.

Good job on the cover!

Thank you for the privilege of reading your book!

And bravo on all your hard work!

Water's Reflection

Elemental Series Book 3

Competitions and Recognitions for Water's Reflection


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2015

Paranormal Awards Competition

Finalist - Manuscript Work in Progress


Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media 2016

Young Adult Awards Competition

Finalist - Winners to be Decided



Also available at




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